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 My 1st Paranormal Experience

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PostSubject: My 1st Paranormal Experience   Tue May 13, 2008 4:53 pm

I will have to say my very 1st experience was as a very young child,I used to hear a girl crying downstairs & my brother said he saw a little girl crying at the bottom of the stairs but i was very young to understand that it was a ghost.It wasn't til i was at a friends house playing cards about 15yrs later,i got talking to my friends mum and mentioned where i used to live,she told me she knew someone who lived in my old house before me but moved when there young daughter got run over by a bus outside the house.She described the little girl & my brother said it looked like the girl he saw at the bottom of the stairs.Am so glad i was to young to understand what a ghost was.I have experienced many more since,especialy as my lovely partner is a ghost magnet. Smile
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My 1st Paranormal Experience
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